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Flood Defence Solutions in Nottinghamshire

Flood Defence Solutions Ltd can help protect your home, or business, from flooding!

Flood Defence Solutions Ltd can help protect your home and business from flooding. Offering a wide range of flood defence products from Water Wall Flood Barriers to Anti-Flood AirBricks to help reduce the risk of flooding to your home and business.

Systems, solutions and products to help prevent flooding include:

Example of a barrier flood defence

  • Flood Barriers, Water Barriers, Flood Gates
  • Anti-Flood AirBricks
  • Water Repellent Concentrate
  • Sewage Protection
  • Back Water Valves
  • U Bend Toilet Bungs
  • Power Drain Cleaning Services

Flood Defence Solutions Ltd prides itself on supplying the highest quality of flood protection production products at economical prices. Water Wall Defence Barriers are quick and easy to install providing a water tight barrier.

Recent Products

  • Systems: Flood Barriers
  • Solutions: Water Repellent Concentrate
  • Products: Anti-Flood AirBrick, Non-Return Valves


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